The Moringa Food Supplement Box contains 30 bites to provide your dog with a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins every day for a month. 

Moringa is a superfood high in protein and amino acids.

The multifunctional bites of Pattes Vertes, made with organic Moringa, are vegetarian and eco-friendly food supplements that perfectly complement the diet of your faithful companion.

Made with organic Moringa, a superfood high in protein and amino acids, these bites are an excellent source of vitamins, omega-3s and protein.

And their smoky banana flavor (yes, it smells like bacon) will delight your dog.

100% natural formula, oven baked, with hypoallergenic protein and no artificial colors.


The ultimate functional treat!

Rich in nutrients and vitamins, Pattes Vertes is not just an ecological, eco-responsible and hypoallergenic superfood, it is above all a product designed to keep our four-legged friends healthy.

Improves oral health

In addition to being a natural antibacterial agent, Moringa contains four times more calcium than milk.

Supports joint health

Rich in Omega-3, our bites help reduce inflammation in the joints and strengthen their structure.

Promotes a strong immune system

With its high protein and amino acid content, Moringa strengthens the immunity your dog needs to defend itself against infections.

Contributes to a healthy coat and skin

Moringa fatty acids nourish and protect your dog’s skin while providing a shiny, healthy coat.