GREEN PACK 30 days



The Moringa food supplement box contains 30 bites to provide your dog with a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins every day for a month. Moringa is a superfood high in protein and amino acids. Green Paws multi-purpose treats are made with organic Moringa. These vegetarian, eco-friendly food supplements will perfectly complement your furry friend’s diet. Moringa is a superfood high in protein and amino acids, and these treats are an excellent source of vitamins, omega-3s and protein. Their smoky banana flavour (yes, they smell like bacon) will delight your dog. 100% natural formula, baked, with hypoallergenic protein and free of artificial colours. BénéfitsIngrédientsAnalysis & DosageShipping Rich in nutrients and vitamins, Green Paws is also an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic superfood that ahs been created to keep our four-legged friends healthy. Improves oral health In addition to being a natural antibacterial agent, Moringa contains seventeen times more calcium than milk. Helps keep joints healthy Rich in Omega-3, our treats help reduce joint inflammation and strengthen their structure. Helps maintain a strong immune system Moringa is high in protein and amino acids, and strengthens your dog’s immunity to help it defend itself against infections. For a healthy coat and skin Moringa contains fatty acids that nourish and protect your dog's skin while providing a shiny, healthy coat.